This section is devoted to my development notes where I keep track of things like my workflow, templates, and code fixes. It is not meant to be a blog, but rather as an overview of things for me to keep in mind and to help myself or anyone else with future projects.


This is a very short note about working with flexbox and some quirks that may show up. It is specifically relevant if you have to support Blackberry 7 since this issue arises for that legacy platform.

Gruntfile.js template

Starting a new project or repository usually requires the monotony of setting up some base files that help with your workflow. This is my standard Gruntfile.js file that I use as a template for setting up new projects which covers some of the most common tasks I use in everyday coding.

Git basics

Just some basic notes about working with Git to keep track of commonly used commands.

Generating retina favicons

This post deals with creating retina-grade favicons for your website. It does require purchase of software, but I've found it to be the easiest way to accomplish this task.

CSS font properties

Making sure that the type on your website is optimized for legibility is important to keep in mind. To help you acheive better display of your type, this will show you different CSS properties and general best practices to implement on your site.

Switching default search (updated)

Google Chrome will sometimes switch your default search engine to whatever country you're in due to your geolocation information. If you'd like to override that behavior, this is how you do it.